- Harsha Vardhan, Developer -

In IT by profession, but an avid board game player by hobby. I own a board game cafe in India and have an experience of playing over 150 different board games. The ideas of 'Kuru Dynasty' and 'Bird Keepers', felt new and entertaining in their own ways and that very thought pushed me to start working on these games.
In no time, I could draft the ideas; wrote down the rules and started imagining how these games would look. Ordered some blank cards; drew some designs and started play-testing with my friends and folks from Meetups.

Since then, over 6 months of work has been put into these games, to bring them to life.

Upon playing with over 50 different players, I gained confidence and it is now my goal to introduce my games to the World and keep them entertained in a Simple, Competitive, yet Informative way. 

A special thanks for their invaluable support through Discussions and Decisions, to:

Faizan Ansari, Tarun Kopuri, Nandini Kakarla, Prasanth Varikallu and Abhishek Gogineni
- Abhimanyu Rana,
Character Illustration of Kuru Dynasty -

Abhimanyu is an illustrator based in Delhi,  who specializes in action-packed illustrations, comics, funny caricatures, mystical fantasy environments, virile character designs, precise storyboards, and even cooks. He strings together his passion for illustration and coloring to make great visual stories.

- Olya Volkova,
Weaponry Illustration for Kuru Dynasty,
Game Board Designer for Bird Keepers -

Olya is an illustrator based in Ukraine,  who specializes in hand drawing and digital art. She is good at creating illustrations in different styles, especially fairytales and fantasy being her personal favorite genres. Digital landscaping, Novel covers, Concept art for games are her forte.

A special thanks to the team, who have contributed as much.

Kuru Dynasty

Nikhil Kapoor, India - Rule Book and Turn order cards

Andy Zain, Indonesia - Card layouts

Hugo, Canada - Campaign Map

Bird Keepers

Alyssa, USA - Character cards