Chat with Kenny from 'Oh, Sheep'!

Harsha from 'Voliric Games' had a nice chat with Kenny from 'Oh, Sheep!', to learn more about their upcoming board game and to share some of his own experiences from his work on 'Kuru Dynasty'.

In the video, Harsha shares how the game plays, discusses the historical background of the Kuru Dynasty, shows off some cards and sneak peaks, and shares his experience as a creator and how he got into board games.

Learn more about Kuru Dynasty and stay updated on when they launch on Kickstarter through their website:

00:42 Introduction to Kuru Dynasty

01:28 What is the "Kuru Dynasty" from a historical perspective?

04:36 How does the game play? Samples of some cards

10:29 Harsha's favorite Kuru Dynasty card

13:10 Harsha's background

16:12 Harsha's experience playing 150+ board games, his favorites, and how they influenced Kuru Dynasty

19:37 What is your plan to spread the word of Kuru Dynasty?

24:05 When do you anticipate Kuru Dynasty launching?

24:50 Where can we learn more about Kuru Dynasty?

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