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About Voliric Games

Voliric Games is a baby born out of a dreamer's mind.

A self-publishing company, which is thriving to develop board games that are easy to learn, competitive, and fun for all ages.

The team brings to the table, a lot of table-top experience, and the games developed by us will overwhelm players of all sorts!


Kuru Dynasty is creative, original and unique to the roots of Kuru Lineage. Can't wait to have my own copy.

Sandeep Yalamanchili

Former Chess Player

Kuru Dynasty is an educative party game for players of all ages. A true representation of Indian Mythological warfare, as a Board Game.  



The artwork of Kuru Dynasty is amazing. The artists breathe life into the Ancient age Characters and their Weapons in a truly remarkable and colorful style!

Melissa Williams

Creative Writer